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06:31pm 29/08/2003
mood: exhausted
my computer needed restarting 5 times in the last 2 hours, i hope it hasn't got one of those damn virus's everyones freakin out about
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11:38am 29/08/2003
mood: loved
the boy is going to california for the weekend, i'm missing him already ='(
but at least we got to have some fun first if you know what i mean ::wink::
\\\I love you Ryan O Shaughnessy!!! /// <3
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08:54pm 25/08/2003
  tonight im goin to my aunt's for dinner for the birthday...i get to see my cousins, that makes me happy :-). haven't seen them in kind of a while.

and there really isn't much to say...i'd just bore you so im going.
i can't hear you, is there static on the line?   
05:05am 18/08/2003
mood: sick
no. no there is not. i am just talking like a frog because my vocal chords are threatening collapse.
scary harry wants your virgin ass!   
04:39pm 16/08/2003
  went to the cinema , then we went back here and i swear i was gonna puke for about an hour, it's been a long while since i felt so bad, in other news, i think i might be getting second job this weekend, i don't wanna jinx it by saying anything yet...

thats all folks

i love ryan! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
09:09am 14/08/2003
  If this whole day at work doesn't fly by...I will be totally pissed. Not that that is anything new. i need to update this thing more often,oh and mansluts suck soooo much i would elaborate but i gotta jet,ok..later maybe  
09:25pm 12/07/2003
mood: loved
turns out i was very wrong about someone!! lets just say i'm happier now than i've been in my whole life, its incredible how i could have misjudged so badly -- people can suck about talkin shit about people and this just goes to show it, i've learnt to never believe rumours again, this last while has been such a revelation to me and it just goes to show that hanging out with him and judging for myself was totally different to just believing other peoples stories, in the words of anti nowhere league "i hate people" now i can finally feel better about what happened with us back in april

anyone i know who disagrees with what we are doing can suck a dick for all i care, and go mind there own fuckin business

this fucking journal thing is such an outlet for my venting and shit talking, its probably for the better that he'll never know what i write in here = D ::sneaky sneaky::
09:04am 11/07/2003
  well, just woke up from having a dream about having sex with some guy [[i have no idea who it was but he was hott so i'm not complaining]] in this amazing bed.  
: (   
12:59pm 10/07/2003
  my grandma died last night, we knew it was gonna happen cos the cancer was getting bad, just feels really wierd ...  
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11:29am 03/07/2003
  Wicker park can suck my ass  
11:07am 04/06/2003
mood: angry
and just when i thought things couldn't get any worse my last paycheck is $400 less than i thought it would be. it's possible they shorted me and that better be the case. i have $400 with $300 worth of bills to pay.
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what if i start posting pics like this....   
12:04pm 14/05/2003
mood: horny
title or description
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11:57am 14/05/2003
  i vomit on your face....  
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08:05pm 11/02/2003
mood: busy
Down goes the computer, away goes the DSL (until it gets hooked up again), and out go we from this empty house. I'll be somewhat scarce for a while. Please find me on my cell or via email. :o)
this fuckin blows   
06:28pm 02/02/2003
mood: annoyed
this computer is totally and completely a piece of shit, i have to restart it again now as its about to fuck up, maybe then i'll think of something productive to type in here atvastvassdrbsdrbytserbewrwerbwrtw
04:45pm 30/01/2003
  friends only! mostly any way .. ill see how it works out yo  
i hate your fuckin face   
04:45pm 23/01/2003
mood: annoyed
Did you ever wonder how some people can possibly have even one friend when they are such a pathetic little shit, some people need to just fuck off and die, it would make this fucked up world a better place
now listen...don't ask why   
09:38am 19/12/2002
mood: groggy

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10:34pm 12/12/2002
08:09pm 20/10/2002
mood: pissed off
i'm pissed, i heard someone say that ryan may have been "with" natalie last weekend, well, more than just a rumr, more lik a damn report, allegedly him and his friend went crazy and kinda fucked up the place but she didnt know till next morning, what a whore (him not her) he just keeps provin all the stories about him are true
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